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Cultural Creativity

Please note that not all the content of our website is available in English. To access the full navigation, please refer to the German, French or Italian version.

Roger Diener: Forum 3 Novartis Campus Basel, Zusammenarbeit mit Helmut Federle und Gerold Wiederin. Fotografie: Ruedi WaltiBest Book Design from all over the World 2010: 'TITLE' © FOCWalter Steiger, styliste, Paris © Ruth Erdt

Culture is as diverse as the forms in which it is expressed: art, design, film, literature, dance, theatre and music make up a large part of our country's creative landscape. Each branch of culture has its own distinctive features and challenges.
The Federal Office of Culture is committed to promoting a multifaceted, high-quality cultural offering and works to create the conditions under which culture practitioners and cultural organisations can flourish.
The Swiss Confederation presents prizes and awards to recognise the achievements of Switzerland's cultural scene and enhance its status and profile both nationally and internationally.

Details of other institutions that encourage and support cultural creativity can be found at culturalpromotion.ch. The database contains a directory of grant-making institutions from the private and public sectors.

Last updated on: 25.11.2016

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