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St Gotthard Hospice, North View © Miller & MarantaSonnhild Kestler, Textildesignerin © Ruth ErdtNico Krebs / Taiyo Onorato, 'The Great Unreal' © Peter Lav Copenhagen 2010

The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) is responsible for the Confederation's culture policy and for the promotion, preservation and mediation of cultural diversity. It promotes culture production in areas such as art and film, oversees museums and collections, supports the preservation of historic monuments and is actively involved in cultural education.

To assist it in performing these tasks it is divided into two sections: "Cultural Heritage and Mediation", and "Cultural Creativity and Cultural Diversity" (see organisational chart). It is part of the Federal Department of Home Affairs.

Last updated on: 01.05.2017

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Federal Office For Culture
Director FOC
Isabelle Chassot
Hallwylstrasse 15
3003 Bern
T +41 58 461 89 00
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