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Special call: Applications for financial assistance for the protection of Ukraine’s movable cultural property

There is a lack of packaging material and transport options for saving art and religious treasures. Of the two statues of saints in the Jesuit Church of St. Peter and Paul in Lviv, only one has been wrapped protectively.
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The Russian military invasion has put Ukraine’s cultural heritage at risk of destruction, looting, theft and illicit transfer. For this reason, applications for financial assistance to protect Ukraine’s movable cultural property can be submitted as of now to the FOC’s Specialized Body for the International Transfer of Cultural Property.

The following two types of financial assistance can be granted:

  • Financial assistance for museums or similar institutions in Switzerland: for the temporary fiduciary custody and conservational care of cultural property from Ukraine at risk (TYPE A).
  • Financial assistance for projects run by international organisations, institutions, natural persons or legal entities: to maintain Ukraine’s movable cultural heritage, with a focus on projects that aim to prevent the destruction or theft of cultural property in Ukraine (TYPE B).  

The financial assistance is being allocated in accordance with Article 14 paragraph 1 letters a and b, Cultural Property Transfer Act (CPTA, SR 444.1).   
Applications should be submitted to the Specialized Body for the International Transfer of Cultural Property using the forms below:

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Last modification 29.03.2022

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