Blue Factory, Freiburg
Blue Factory, Freiburg

Building is culture and creates space for culture.

Baukultur covers all activities that change the built environment. It is present wherever people are shaping their living environment in all its diversity. It covers the landscape, the built and unbuilt and everything in between. Baukultur thus combines the past with the future and technical detail with large-scale planning.

High-quality Baukultur leads to well designed and lively cities and villages equipped to meet changing social requirements while preserving their historical character at the same time.

High-quality Baukultur shapes identities. Spaces influence the well-being and health of the individual. They define the framework within which many people live together. At the same time, they reflect the variety among the people living within those spaces. Good design quality encourages people to identify with their area and strengthens neighbourhood cohesion.

High-quality Baukultur adds value. Buildings and landscapes contribute to economic efficiency and the external perception. Sustainable and high-quality added value is crucial to prosperity and stability.

High-quality Baukultur leads to good solutions. Quality in construction depends on close cooperation and engaged debate about planning, building and use. Broad-based, high-value projects improve the quality of life for everyone, thus making people accepting of innovation.

Baukultur concerns everyone. Whether through their mere presence or designing their surroundings, people are exercising an influence on their environment. People are also a product of where they live. Everyone shares the responsibility for actively shaping their living environment.

The Confederation is taking the lead. The Confederation is committed to the sustainable promotion of a high-quality Baukultur. The Baukultur policy clusters the Baukultur-related operations of the different federal offices together and defines binding goals plus specific measures leading to achievement of those goals. In so doing, the Confederation is showing how it aims to exploit its role as developer, owner, operator, regulator, sponsor and role model to promote Baukultur over the coming years.

Baukultur is …
Baukultur is …

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