Eidgenössische Jury für Musik

Johannes Rühl

Jury president

Loco (TI)
Folk Music, Contemporary Music

Music Ethnologist and Curator

Johannes Rühl is an ethnomusicologist and curator of music programmes. He managed the cultural office in Basel and was responsible for socio-cultural centres in Husum and Heidelberg. In addition, he has also held management positions in the cultural departments of Rottweil and Freiburg im Breisgau.He was director of the Scuola Teatro Dimitri before working at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and teaching at a number of universities in Switzerland and abroad. His various research projects, which tend to focus on the sociology of music, concentrate on the musical traditions of the Alpine region and the conditions in which they have evolved to the present day. From 2009 to 2019, he was responsible for the programme of the Alpentöne international music festival in Altdorf. Johannes Rühl has also managed projects and music programmes for numerous cultural institutions and festivals, including the Freiburg Jazz Festival, Zwingli Jubilee in Zurich, Festival Neue Musik Rümlingen 2013 and 2023, Rudolstadt Festival, Festival de Música de Alturas in Lima, Pro Helvetia Cairo, Teatro San Materno Ascona, Label Suisse Lausanne and most recently the Theater Casino Zug. As part of SUISA100, he devised the project “40 for 100, music for the year 2123”. Johannes Rühl has lived for more than 15 years in Loco in the Onsernone valley in Ticino, where, in addition to his many other activities, he established the artist residence "casadirosa.ch".

Gian-Andrea Costa

Classical Music, Jazz, Metal


Born in Lugano, Gian-Andrea Costa studied musicology at the University of Bologna and at the same time began a long-standing collaboration with Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana (RSI).
Initially he was an editor and radio presenter focusing on the regional and national independent music scene, and subsequently as a programme designer and producer.
From 2020 to 2023, he was head of music at RSI before taking on his current role as Secretary General of the Culture and Society Department.
He is an active bass player in a variety of genres, from jazz to metal, and combines an energetic concert schedule (around 500 performances in Switzerland, Europe, USA, UK, Russia, China, Japan, South Africa) with considerable recording activity (more than 200 tracks on around 20 albums and EPs).

Kate Espasandin



Kate Espasandin holds a Bachelor of Music from Cambridge University (UK) and a Master of Musicology from McGill University (USA). In 2014, she co-founded the Jazz au Peuple Festival (Nyon) dedicated to promoting Swiss artists from the jazz and improvisation music scenes. In 2016, she joined the programming committee of the Cully Jazz Festival, taking over the contemporary jazz scenes of the OFF Festival with a focus on emerging Swiss musicians. In 2017, she went on to join the committee of Live in Vevey where, apart from her programming functions, she organises artists’ residencies for jazz and improvisation music at the Théâtre de l’Oriental. In the past, Kate has also worked with the committee of Suisse Diagonales Jazz and has been invited to sit on the juries and panels of experts for various awards and prizes (M4music, etc.).

Anne Gillot

Classical Music, Contemporary Music

Musician and Journalist

Recorder and clarinet player Anne Gillot works as much on the creation and preservation of the contemporary music repertoire as she does on researching sound through technology and improvisation. She is a member of the ensembles baBel (Lausanne), Vortex (Geneva), Boulouris5 (Lausanne), and duo 1+1 with saxophonist Laurent Estoppey.
During a residency at the GMEM in Marseille in 2017, she developed "Wildbroadcasting", a dynamic solo conjoining her musical and radio activity, in collaboration with musician and vocalist Alessandro Bosetti. This project is on tour until 2023.
Anne Gillot is also interested in musical improvisation and co-operates in this context with numerous musicians in Switzerland and abroad. In 2021, she participated in the performance of The Glass Cage, 7 Stunden - 7 gläserne Käfige - 7 Künstler (7 hours - 7 glass cages - 7 artists) RATHAUSGALERIE | KUNSTHALLE MÜNCHEN conceived by Stefan Winter.
She sits on the juries for the Nicati, Luc Ferrari, Presque rien of La Muse en Circuit in Paris, and Palma Ars Acustica (international acoustic art competition) competitions, among others. She has been member of the Jury for the Swiss Music Prize since 2019. Interested in the different forms of music on stage, she is active in the performance field, playing Daniel Zea's works for Kinect sensors and movements, the latest of which was created at the ZKM in Karlsruhe in November 2018. She is also a member of the STT theatre company directed by Dorian Rossel. Alongside her musical activities, Anne Gillot is in charge of contemporary music for the Espace2 cultural station of Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS). She hosts and produces a weekly programme, "Musique d'avenir". Anne Gillot also organises the Art's Birthday event at RTS with the European Broadcasting Unions and the Ars Acustica group.

Peter Kraut

Zürich / Bern
Contemporary Music at the Intersection of Composition, Pop Culture and Visual Arts


Peter Kraut studied history, sociology, and political science; he works as a culture mediator, lecturer, university manager and author. His interest lies in the intersection of contemporary music, visual arts and pop culture. Peter Kraut’s career path has taken him from empirical social research to touring with an experimental rock band in Europe. Alongside, he programmed hundreds of concerts of cutting-edge music in the framework of "Taktlos Bern" (1980-2007). After working in the cultural programme of the Swiss National Library, he joined the Bern University of the Arts in 2002 where he is now deputy head of the music department.

Nadia Mitic

Contemporary music

After training as a teacher and completing a master's degree in literature, Nadia Mitic has dedicated herself to contemporary music since 2009. She is an agent and manager of artists in contemporary music, a co-founder and partner of the Swiss booking agency Glad We Met, a press officer and a programme manager. She has more than 10 years of professional experience and a solid network in all three language regions of Switzerland and abroad. She regularly shares her experience and expertise through training courses, expert appraisals and jury sessions for the FCMA, the HEMU, M4Music, Sonart, the cities of Neuchatel and Lausanne or the canton of Valais. In 2022, Nadia Mitic, who is committed to supporting, mentoring and training emerging Swiss artists, founded and coordinated a project to promote the professionalisation of artists from the canton of Valais. She also works as an agent and programme designer for contemporary music for the Garden Parties in Lausanne. Since August 2023, she has held the new position of artist mentor at the Case à Chocs in Neuchâtel.

Sandro Bernasconi

Club music and pop music
Cultural worker

Sandro Bernasconi has been active for over two decades as a musician, curator and cultural worker.
His broad spectrum ranges from club sounds to experimental formats, regardless of genre, and often includes exchanges with musicians from North Africa. He is passionate about club culture and club sounds and was active in this field as co-founder of the bar club ABX from 2006 to 2009. He managed the music programme of the Kaserne Basel for over 12 years and was co-founder of the Polyfon Festival, which he oversaw as artistic director from 2009 to 2021. Before his many years as a cultural worker in the field of music, he was himself active as a musician and DJ, playing over 150 concerts and shows in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. In 2022, he co-founded the transdisciplinary Landskron festival, for which he is co-director and has responsibility for the musical programming and production. Also in 2022, he co-initiated the platforms Sable & Chaux and Transmitting Stones with partners from Switzerland, Algeria and Tunisia. These platforms host exchange projects, residencies and research formats in collaboration with musicians from Switzerland and Algerian and Tunisian musicians/creative artists.

Specialist staff
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