Four women sitting at a table in the Hirschen restaurant in Oberstammheim playing cards.
Dialogue at the restaurant "Hirschen" in Oberstammheim (ZH).
© FOC / photo Rolf Siegenthaler

Baukultur is relevant to everyone. Whether directly or indirectly: we all shape the places in which we reside, lead our lives and work. How we build and how we approach the built environment show what matters to us.

Baukultur expresses the variety within society. It takes comprehensive dialogue to preserve, nurture and develop this variety in a quality-oriented way. That includes the exchange of information among experts from different disciplines, the dovetailing of requirements and active participation from the local population. Everyone must have a say in how we live together.

The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) promotes this broad-based dialogue. It connects federal offices, cantonal authorities, organizations and associations. It networks experts from different disciplines and supports inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and formats. It facilitates exchange with the economy and civil society.


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