Special Dance Award 2019 goes to Dominique Martinoli

Dominique Martinoli
Dominique Martinoli
© BAK / Gregory Batardon

Dominique Martinoli has been involved in contemporary dance outreach and networking in the canton of Jura and the Bernese region of the same name since 2002. She established the “évidanse” festival, which now extends beyond the two regions of Switzerland to encompass neighbouring France. Today, “évidanse” is a decentralised seasonal programme accompanied by projects such as workshops for young people, in association with the Association Interjurassienne des Centres Culturels (AICC) as well as Viadanse in Belfort and Nebia in Biel. In 2018 Dominique Martinoli teamed up with the AICC and Viadanse to launch the EU-funded project TDC – Territoires Dansés en Commun, designed to give young people access to contemporary culture and dance in particular. She also set up and heads Danse!, the association for contemporary dance in the Jura.
The award carries prize money of CHF 40,000.

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