Swiss Dance Awards 2019
«Flow» Compagnie Linga & Keda

The Swiss Dance Awards were presented every two years from 2013 to 2019. Their aim was to recognise the quality and diversity of professional artistic dance, and to promote dance in Switzerland. The awards offered the winners public recognition and secured them vital media coverage.

The principal accolade was the Swiss Grand Award for Dance, which honoured the artistic career of an individual who has made a key contribution to the reputation of Swiss dance at home and abroad. There were also honours recognising the work of an outstanding female and male dancer, respectively, as well as particular achievements in dance. Current dance works were recognised by the Swiss Dance Awards, with the winners chosen on the basis of a competition.

In addition to the prizes and awards, the Federal Office of Culture promoted historical awareness of dance as cultural heritage and is involved in promoting professional organisations.

From 2021, the Swiss Dance Awards and Swiss Theatre Awards will be merged under the umbrella of the Performing Arts, and presented annually at a joint event.

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