Nine more Swiss Performing Arts Awards

Further Swiss Performing Arts Awards go to Nicole Seiler, the Ballet Junior de Genève, the urban dance festivals Groove’N’Move and Breakthrough, Mathieu Bertholet, Tanya Beyeler, fleischlin/meser, Joël Maillard, Antje Schupp and Manuel Stahlberger.

02 Nicole Seiler © BAK  Charlotte Krieger
Nicole Seiler
© BAK Charlotte Krieger

With their selections for this year, the federal dance and theatre juries have chosen to honour a current generation of art practitioners in the middle of their careers who exemplify perseverance and thus have a key role to play in the present situation and the post-pandemic era.
Nicole Seiler (b. 1970) has been creating multi-disciplinary, innovative works including films, installations and site-specific pieces with her Lausanne-based company since 2002. Established more than 50 years ago, the unique dance school that is the Ballet Junior de Genève has been led since 1999 by Patrice Delay and Sean Wood. The urban dance festivals Breakthrough in Zurich and Groove’N’Move in Geneva have typified this up-and-coming scene in Switzerland for the last decade. The writer Mathieu Bertholet (b. 1977) has been artistic director of the Théâtre de Poche in Geneva since 2015. Originally from Ticino, Tanya Beyeler (b. 1980) has headed the artists’ collective El Conde de Torrefiel along with Pablo Gisbert in Barcelona since 2010. Performers Beatrice Fleischlin (b. 1971) and Anja Meser (b. 1980) create works together that tackle issues of gender and identity. Joël Maillard (b. 1978) is an actor, author and director whose works conjure up a distinctive world that is part Beckett and part science fiction. Antje Schupp (b. 1983) is a multi-faceted director working in spoken and musical theatre as well as a performer. Manuel Stahlberger (b. 1974), from St. Gallen, is a cabaret artist, musician and cartoonist, known for strips including “Herr Mäder”.

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