Nine more Swiss performing arts awards for 2023

Tellspiele Altdorf
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The other Swiss performing arts awards for 2023 go to Rébecca Balestra, Bruno Cathomas, Ntando Cele, Tiziana Conte, Barbara Giongo and Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez, Sandro Lunin, Circus Monti, Jeremy Nedd and theatre group Tellspiele Altdorf.

Nine Swiss performing arts awards go to persons or institutions who have excelled in an area of Switzerland’s diverse performing arts scene: “Up and coming comedian” Rébecca Balestra (1988) works as an actress, author and director. The “brilliant (folk) actor” Bruno Cathomas (1965) has appeared at many well-known, German language venues since 1992. Ntando Cele (1980) was born in Durban and now lives in Bern. A “cringe-inducing and humorous performer,” she addresses everyday, covert racism. “Tireless dance promoter” Tiziana Conte (1966) has worked for many years to develop contemporary dance in the canton of Ticino. Barbara Giongo and Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez (1966/1973) are “valued theatre directors” at Le Grütli in Geneva, an arts complex with an excellent reputation. “Universal programme creator” Sandro Lunin (1958) has been a mainstay of the independent dance and theatre scene and interaction with the Global South for forty years. Family business Circus Monti (founded in 1985) is famous for its “innovative circus story(ies)”. Performer and choreographer Jeremy Nedd (1985) from New York lives in Basel and is a pioneer of diversity-based cooperation as a “global dance shooting star”. Tellspiele Altdorf (founded in 1899) is a “highly professional amateur theatre group” and one of Switzerland’s oldest and most exemplary groups.

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