Swiss Performing Arts Award winners at the 10th edition of the Swiss Theatre Encounter in Fribourg from 31 May to 4 June

The 10th edition of the Swiss Theatre Encounter will feature Barbara Frey, winner of the Swiss Grand Award for the Performing Arts / Hans Reinhart Ring 2022, along with Maya Bösch, Ticino is Burning, Mathieu Bertholet and Daniel Hellmann.

The Swiss Theatre Encounter is also a promotional partner of the FOC’s Swiss Performing Arts Awards, and offers a platform for the winning theatre professionals. Director and artistic director Barbara Frey will be in Fribourg on 4 June. In the morning, she will take part in the brunch event on artists' fees “What am I worth?”, and at 1pm the Swiss Association for Theatre Studies (SGTK) will present Frey with her dedicated volume from the “MIMOS – Swiss Performing Arts yearbook” at the Théâtre des Osses. Co-editor Andreas Klaeui will interview Barbara Frey and Judith Gerstenberg, with whom she has collaborated for 30 years, currently as head dramaturge at the Ruhrtriennale. At 2.30pm (and at 12.45pm on 1 June), a 3sat recording of Frey's production of “Automatenbuffet” (which was invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen in 2021) will be screened. The Theatre Encounter programme will also feature other winners of the Swiss Performing Arts Awards in 2022 with Maya Bösch and the artists from Ticino is Burning. Previous winners of the awards for theatre and dance, Mathieu Bertholet and Daniel Hellmann, will also be involved in the 10th edition of the Swiss Theatre Encounter. And once again, this year's Swiss Theatre Encounter SHORTLIST will be used by the Federal Theatre Jury as a basis to select the winners of the Swiss theatre production award which recognises a standout theatre production from the past year. More information can be found at:

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