Interviews with the 2019 award winners

Interviews with all the winners of the Swiss Dance Awards 2019 have been published in four languages on the Swiss Culture Awards website. They can be read or downloaded in PDF format from

La Ribot at the award ceremony 2019
La Ribot at the award ceremony 2019
© BAK / Adrian Moser

As in previous editions, the winners of the 2019 Swiss Dance Awards were allowed to select their own interviewer. La Ribot, winner of the Grand Award for Dance, selected Genevan dramaturge Michèle Pralong, while Dominique Martinoli, winner of the Special Dance Award, chose Le Temps journalist Marie-Pierre Genecand. Alexandre Demidoff, also a journalist at Le Temps, interviewed Marie-Caroline Hominal and Edouard Hue. Michèle Pralong also interviewed Cindy van Acker. Teresa Rotemberg talked to Zurich journalist Nina Scheu and Teresa Vittucci to the Viennese author Andrea Heinz, who writes for publications including Die Zeit; Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo from Cie Linga spoke with the French-speaking Swiss journalist Corinne Jacquiery. Marion Zurbach, who won the June Johnson Dance Prize along with her group Unplush, chose Marianne Mühlemann, a journalist at Der Bund.

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