Reminder: Entries for Swiss Performing Arts Awards 2024

Ruth Childs Blast
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The next round of entries for the “June Johnson Newcomer Prize 2024”, for dance production 2023 and for performing arts heritage 2024 can be still submitted to the platform for supporting subsidies (FPF) of the FOC until 24 October 2023.

In partnership with the Federal Office of Culture, the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation awards a prize every year for innovative young Swiss cultural artists in the performing arts. Swiss nationals or cultural artists resident in Switzerland are eligible to compete for the 25,000 franc prize. The next competitions for contemporary dance and performing arts heritage will also be announced around the same time. Further information on the prizes and how to enter is available in German on the FOC website at Schweizer Preise Darstellende Künste ( Entries can be submitted via the Federal Office of Culture platform for supporting subsidies still until 24 October 2023 at Running call for entries

Last modification 13.03.2024

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