Support for three Cultural Heritage – Performing Arts projects

Support for Dance as Cultural Heritage projects has been extended to include projects linked to the performing arts in general. Following the competition held in autumn 2020, three projects were chosen: “The Dritter Frühling dance theatre performs Gilles Jobin’s ‘Moebius Strip’”; “Arte, cultura e società. Il Libro sulla MOPS_DanceSyndrome”; and “Contemporary dance in Ticino: Claudio Schott”.

Tanztheater Dritter Frühling «Moebius Strip»
Tanztheater Dritter Frühling «Moebius Strip»
© Christian Glaus

The dancers who make up the Dritter Frühling dance theatre are all aged 60 and over. The première of “Moebius Strip”, the work that made Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin internationally famous, was successfully staged in September 2020 despite the pandemic. The theatre plans to use the project money to finance a tour. The Book “Art, culture and society” explores the work of MOPS_DanceSyndrome, a company and school made up entirely of dancers with Down Syndrome that has been active for more than a decade. There are plans to translate it into other languages, in order to present this example of inclusive culture beyond the Italian-speaking world. Assisted by Accademia Dimitri, dance researcher Katja Vaghi is looking into the early days of contemporary dance in Italian-speaking Switzerland during the 1980s via the work of Claudio Schott (b. 1948) and his group “Progetto Danza”. For further information on all the Cultural Heritage projects, see: 

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