A man and woman are in hiking gear on the access platform in the lofty heights by Hammetschwand lift, enjoying the view of Lake Lucerne from their secure vantage point.
The Hammetschwand lift to Bürgenstock (NW) meets current security requirements and is an orientation point in the landscape.
© FOC / photo Rolf Siegenthaler

Quality places contribute to the health and well-being of people and to a democratic, united society. That is why quality is fundamental to any activity conducted in space. Quality-oriented preservation, planning and construction means taking a sparing approach to land and developing it prudently, strengthening the identity of village and city centres, maintaining historic buildings and adding attractive contemporary fabrics to them. Infrastructure, for example streets or business parks, is also worthy of quality design.

Quality in space is a shared task. It calls for the attention of us all and opportunities for participation. Good legal framework conditions create the basis for sustainable spatial development, training in planning and construction is based on qualitative considerations and processes, such as architecture and planning competitions, promote Baukultur quality.

The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) contributes to improving and securing Baukultur quality by coordinating Swiss Baukultur policy at national and international level. The FOC generates principles and develops user-friendly guidelines and instruments to describe and identify Baukultur quality. It contributes to defining norms and standards. It reviews the effects of projects initiated by the Confederation and its institutions on built heritage and advocates quality-based planning, building and transformation.


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