Dance as Cultural Heritage – selected projects for 2018

Tanz und Mysterium
Tanz und Mysterium
© Patrick Lüthy

Sigurd Leeder (1902–1981) was a leading figure in German expressive dance. Former students at his Sigurd Leeder School of Dance, which was based in Herisau until 1981, have come together to ensure future generations can share in the experience of his work. “Tanz und Mysterium” (“Dance and Mystery”) is a homage to Charlotte Bara (1901–1986) by Ticino-based choreographer Tiziana Arnaboldi, who today heads the Teatro San Materno which was built for Bara in the Bauhaus style. Nicolas Wagnières and Marcela San Pedro are finalising a collection of film material on the teaching of Noemi Lapzeson (1940–2018) entitled “A la recherche des pas trouvées”. The Swiss Archive of the Performing Arts (SAPA), together with dance journalist Ursula Pellaton, is creating “Geschichte(n) zum Tanz” (“Tale(s) of Dance”), while Margrit Bischof and Thomas Péronnet are setting up a festival for amateur dance groups that brings selected works from the repertoire of Swiss dance to the stage under the title “Kulturerbe, tanz!” (“Dance, cultural heritage!”).

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