Swiss Performing Arts Awards winners at Tanzfest from 11 to 15 May

Winners in the dance category of the Swiss Performing Arts Awards will be showing their work around Switzerland at Tanzfest. They include the Ballet Junior, the Groove’N’Move festival, Jasmine Morand, Mirjam Gurtner and 2019 Dance Awards winners Marie-Caroline Hominal, Edouard Hue, Cie Greffe/Cindy van Acker, and Cie Linga.

Tanzfest has been a promotional partner of the FOC for the Swiss Dance Awards since 2015. It offers the award winners a platform to present their work to a broad and diverse public, and is an opportunity to leave behind the classical stage situation and try out new formats that appeal directly to the audience. On show will be “Audition”, a film recording of a choreography by Olivier Dubois with the Ballet Junior, and “Donnez-moi une minute”, comprising one-minute video portraits of international dancers commissioned by the award-winning Groove’N’Move festival from Doria Belanger. Jasmine Morand will present her solo “ARIA”, and Mirjam Gurtner “Play”. In addition to these award-winning dancers from 2021, there will be appearances by 2019 Dance Awards winners whose performances had to be cancelled for the last two years owing to the pandemic, namely Marie-Caroline Hominal, Edouard Hue, Cindy van Acker’s Cie Greffe, and Cie Linga.

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