Next calls for submissions for the Swiss Performing Arts Awards

June Johnson Newcomer Prize 2022, InQdrt
June Johnson Newcomer Prize 2022, InQdrt
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The next entries for the June Johnson Newcomer Prize, Dance Production 2023 and Performing Arts Heritage can be submitted between 26 September and 24 October 2023 via the FOC’s support platform.

Each year, in partnership with the Federal Office of Culture, the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation presents an award for innovative young Swiss cultural production in the performing arts. The award, which is worth CHF 25,000, is presented on the basis of a competition that is open to Swiss citizens and creative artists resident in Switzerland. The Performing Arts Heritage competition is open to projects such as revivals of works, and historical themes related to the performing arts (periods, places, artistic personalities) in a wide range of documentary or artistic formats. There is also a third competition for dance. Works that premièred in the 2023 calendar year can be entered in the “Dance Production 2023” category. Information on the awards and calls for submissions can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Culture at Swiss Performing Arts Awards (, Submissions can be made via the FOC's support platform from 26 September to 24 October 2023 at Running call for entries

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