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European Heritage Label

European Heritage Label
European Heritage Label

Cultural heritage is an essential part of our consciousness and of our common values and principles. European culture has its origins in a history characterised by a lively exchange between countries, intercultural dialogue, encounters, and the communication of values and ideas, artistic movements and works of art.

The European Heritage Label is intended to emphasize the European dimension of the cultural goods, monuments, urban and natural sites and memorials that are a testimony to history and European heritage. The Label's aim is to encourage the public's respect for, knowledge of and attachment to their cultural heritage and to strengthen cooperation between European states in this field.

The European Heritage Label is an intergovernmental initiative brought by several European countries and is set to become a European Community project. The three Swiss sites are included in the list of honour of the first sites to be awarded the label.

The Spanish Culture Ministry is responsible for the administration of the initiative.

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