Dance Production 2021, Theatre Production 2021 & June Johnson Newcomer Prize

Awards go the dance production “La Peau de l’Espace” by Yasmine Hugonnet and the theatre production “Manuel d’exil” by Maya Bösch and her company sturmfrei. The June Johnson Newcomer Prize goes to the collective InQdrt.

June Johnson Newcomer Prize 2022, InQdrt
June Johnson Newcomer Prize 2022, InQdrt
© BAK Charlotte Krieger

In the dance production competition, the Federal Dance Jury selected “La Peau de l’Espace” by Yasmine Hugonnet (b. 1979) from a total of 16 entries. During the solo, which the choreographer dances herself, she accompanies her movements with vocalisations she calls “anatomical fictions”. From a shortlist of 23 productions at the Swiss Theatre Encounter 2022, the Federal Dance Jury selected as the outstanding theatre production of 2021 “Manuel d’exil” by the company sturmfrei. Directed by Maya Bösch (b. 1973), the production features the powerful voice of Jean-Quentin Châtelain interpreting the dizzying poetic prose of a refugee. The collective InQdrt has been chosen as winner of the June Johnson Newcomer Prize from among 14 entries in the competition. The young group from Aargau centred around dancer and choreographer Isabelle Spescha (b. 1990) operates at the interface of contemporary dance and the urban sport of parkour.

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