ISOS – The magic of beautiful places

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The Federal Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites of national importance (ISOS) includes many locations with major tourist potential. Switzerland Tourism and the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) have launched a project called “The magic of beautiful places” to raise awareness of these sites among the resident population and tourists from abroad.

From Jura to Ticino – Grand Tour of Switzerland

The FOC and Switzerland Tourism have selected 50 ISOS locations along the Grand Tour of Switzerland. This route stretches over about 1,600 kilometres through all four language regions, over five alpine passes, to twelve UNESCO World Heritage sites passing 22 lakes on the way. The selected sites are characteristic of a region and offer a cultural tourism experience.

30 fascinating places – Switzerland beneath the surface

There are also unique sights to discover off the beaten track: the historical spa resort, the biggest island and the country’s last gasworks, to name but a few. 30 of these insider tourist tips have been selected as Switzerland’s “fascinating places”.

Switzerland Tourism offers inspiring profiles of the 80 locations on its website. Every place is described in detail with a list of the tourist highlights and a selection of typical associated experiences and activities.

Greater awareness of cultural heritage

The FOC and Switzerland Tourism have undertaken to raise awareness of Switzerland’s rich Baukultur heritage through their cooperation. The joint efforts of the two offices will also make tourists more aware of places that are not well known tourist destinations.


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