Baukultur concept

Zentralplatz Biel
The central square in Biel (BE).
© FOC / photo Rolf Siegenthaler

People operate within space and shape the space in its full diversity. Baukultur is an expression of that. It covers buildings and landscapes, historic monuments and heritage sites, streets and squares, bridges and gardens as well as villages and cities. Planning and construction processes are also part of Baukultur. It applies just as much to craft-related detail as to large-scale urban planning. Baukultur connects the past to the present and future. The way we deal with our built environment is an expression of our Baukultur.

Everyone shapes their living environment, whether as a resident or architect. At the same time, the living environment defines the cohabitation of each individual. High-quality Baukultur leads to liveable and lovable cities and villages that change in line with societal requirements while preserving their historical peculiarities at the same time. It is centred on social needs and resource-sparing actions and adds economic value.

Debates, negotiations and discourse enrich Baukultur. Everyone from civil society, through the economy and organisations, foundations and associations all the way to authorities and politics is called upon to commit to high-quality Baukultur.

The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) is the Confederation’s expert body in Baukultur. It is committed to promoting high-quality Baukultur in Switzerland and coordinates the Confederation's Baukultur-related activities with the Baukultur policy. The FOC promotes mediation, Baukultur education and the development of Baukultur-related competencies among professionals. In so doing, the FOC demonstrates its commitment to suitable cooperation formats with all relevant players.


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