Davos Declaration and Davos process

Official photo of the Ministers of Culture at the signing of the Davos Declaration
Conference of Ministries of Culture 2018.
© FOC / photo Ruben Speich

A high-quality Baukultur for Europe!

To achieve this goal, the European Ministers of Culture approved the Davos Declaration in 2018 on the initiative of Switzerland. The European states commit to embedding high-quality Baukultur on a political and strategic level. The Davos Declaration reminds us that building is culture and creates space for culture. More countries, organisations, institutions and companies are committing to the declaration. It is quoted all over the world and widely discussed.

The Davos Declaration forms the basis on which the Baukultur movement will continue in terms of academic content and strategic political orientation. Central themes are being developed scientifically and key terms of the Davos Declaration clarified. At the same time, strategies are being implemented at a political level that acknowledge the cultural aspects of preservation, planning and building and establish high-quality Baukultur as a political priority. These varied, international initiatives are known as the Davos process.

The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) is committed both substantively and strategically to international cooperation and networking in Baukultur.


Davos Declaration

Davos Declaration 2018 (catalan) (PDF, 92 kB, 14.09.2020)Translation: Delegación del Gobierno en Cataluña

Davos Declaration 2018 (georgian) (PDF, 516 kB, 12.08.2019)Translation: Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia

Davos Declaration 2018 (latvian) (PDF, 588 kB, 12.08.2019)Translation: National Heritage board of Latvia

Verklaring van Davos 2018 (nederlands) (PDF, 616 kB, 12.08.2019)Translation: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Netherlands

Davos Declaration 2018 (slovenian) (PDF, 329 kB, 05.11.2020)Translation: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia

Davos Declaration 2018 (romanian) (PDF, 256 kB, 19.01.2022)Translation: Romanian Order of Architects

Context document

Context document (georgian) (PDF, 807 kB, 05.11.2020)Translation: Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia

Context document (latvian) (PDF, 893 kB, 05.11.2020)Translation: National Heritage board of Latvia


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