Quota and investment obligation

On May 15, 2022, the Swiss people approved the introduction of an investment obligation in Swiss film production for streaming services. The amendment of the Film Act entailed adjustments to the existing Film Ordinance (Filmverordnung FiV) and required a new ordinance with implementing provisions for the implementation of the European quota and the obligation to invest in Swiss filmmaking (Verordnung über die Quote für europäische Filme und Investitionen in das Schweizer Filmschaffen FQIV). The Federal Council adopted both ordinances on 6 September 2023, thus launching the implementation of the quota and investment obligation.

As of year 2024, all audiovisual services providing film content (private broadcasters, foreign broadcasters with publicity windows to Switzerland, TVOD and SVOD platforms as well as telecom services) must invest in Swiss film production or its promotion. The investment obligation amounts to 4 percent of their annual gross income generated in Switzerland. If they fail to do so, they must pay a subsidiary levy after a period of 4 years. The revised Film Act also newly sets a 30% quota of European films on streaming services and regulates public access to films that have received federal funds.

The new ordinance FQIV contains the implementing provisions for the amendments to the Film Act. Further information and assistance for affected companies on the basis of the ordinance FQIV will be posted on this website and continuously updated (mostly in German, French and Italian).

Last modification 16.02.2024

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