Five further Swiss Theatre Awards 2020 accolades

The other five Theatre Awards go to director Boris Nikitin, puppeteer Kathrin Bosshard, author and dramaturge Mats Staub, set designer Sylvie Kleiber and the Geneva-based Théâtre du Loup.

Sylvie Kleiber
Sylvie Kleiber
© BAK / Gneborg

This year’s selection by the Federal Theatre Jury represents the aesthetic diversity of the dramatic arts in Switzerland, which in turn points to the breadth of the performing arts in general. From his base in Basel, author, essayist, director and programme-maker Boris Nikitin produces theatre that engages with the representation and construction of identity and reality. Kathrin Bosshard, from Appenzell, is a puppeteer and actor, appearing in programmes such as the satirical review “Bundesordner” and transposing social topics to the stage in humorously exaggerated form. Bernese author and dramaturge Mats Staub has been working since 2004 to develop memory projects that span theatre and exhibition, science and literature, all of them meticulously staged. The works of architect and scenographer Sylvie Kleiber from Lausanne are omnipresent in the avant-garde theatre and dance scene of the French-speaking countries. Théâtre du Loup, which was founded in Geneva back in 1978, has been based in its own theatre since 1983, becoming a place for creation, production and that embraces the latest trends.

Further information and film portraits of all the award winners can be found at:

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