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Jossi Wieler

Jossi Wieler erhält den Schweizer Grand Prix Theater / Hans-Reinhart-Ring 2020

Der Schweizer Grand Prix Theater / Hans-Reinhart-Ring geht in diesem Jahr an Jossi Wieler. Er zählt zu den international renommiertesten Opern- und Theaterregisseuren. Die weiteren fünf Theaterpreise erhalten der Regisseur Boris Nikitin, die Puppenspielerin Kathrin Bosshard, der Autor und Dramaturg Mats Staub, die Szenografin Sylvie Kleiber und das Genfer Théâtre du Loup. Mit dem Schweizer Kleinkunstpreis wird das Duo Les Diptik ausgezeichnet.
Theatre Chur

Swiss Theatre Awards 2020 Ceremony

In view of the coronavirus situation the presentation of the Swiss Theatre Awards on 15 May 2020 at the Theater Chur will not take place. The option of postponing the ceremony until the autumn is currently being considered.
We wish you all the best.
Jossi Wieler

Swiss Grand Award for Theatre / Hans Reinhart Ring 2020

The Swiss Grand Award for Theatre / Hans Reinhart Ring 2020 goes to the director Jossi Wieler, who was born in Kreuzlingen and lives in Berlin. He is one of the most renowned opera and theatre directors internationally.
Sylvie Kleiber

Five further Swiss Theatre Awards 2020 accolades

The other five Theatre Awards go to director Boris Nikitin, puppeteer Kathrin Bosshard, author and dramaturge Mats Staub, set designer Sylvie Kleiber and the Geneva-based Théâtre du Loup.
Les Diptik

Schweizer Kleinkunstpreis 2020

This year’s Schweizer Kleinkunstpreis has been won by the duo Les Diptik. Also nominated were Simon Chen and Karim Slama. Since the award gala and Swiss artists’ fair were cancelled owing to the corona pandemic, the award will be handed over along with all the other Theatre Awards at a small-scale event in November.
Yan Duyvendak

Swiss Performing Arts Awards launching in 2021

As announced in the Culture Dispatch 2021–2024, from 2021 the Theatre Awards, including the Kleinkunstpreis, will be merged with the Dance Awards and presented annually under the umbrella of the Swiss Performing Arts Awards in autumn.
Ursula Pellaton - Opernhaus Zurich

Two new calls for submissions for the Swiss Performing Arts Awards

As part of the realignment to create the Swiss Performing Arts Awards, the June Johnson Newcomer Prize and the Cultural Heritage call for submissions will be expanded to include the performing arts. Entries for the 2021 awards can be submitted between 6 October and 3 November 2020 on the FOC support platform.

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