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New Federal Performing Arts Jury

From 2024, a nine-person Federal Performing Arts Jury will recommend award winners in this field to the FOC.

2023 Swiss Performing Arts Award winners at the Künstlerbörse in Thun from 17 to 20 April

Rébecca Balestra will showcase her many talents at the opening of the Schweizer Künstlerbörse on 17 April 2024. Julia Reichert will also be involved in several parts of the festival’s programme.

Award winners performing all over Switzerland at Das Tanzfest from 1 to 5 May

Swiss Performing Arts Award winners from the world of dance will be performing all over Switzerland as part of Das Tanzfest’s Dance on Tour 2024 programme: Cindy Van Acker, Marc Oosterhoff / Cie Moost, Ruth Childs, InQdrt and Tiziana Conte (presenting Elena Boillat).

Swiss Performing Arts Award winners at the Swiss Theatre Encounter in Ticino from 23 to 26 May

In addition to the new production Préparation pour un Miracle by Marc Oosterhoff / Cie Moost in the SÉLECTION category, the Swiss Theatre Encounter will also feature the following award winners: Tiziana Conte, Barbara Giongo and Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez, Mathieu Bertholet, Maya Bösch and several members of Ticino is Burning.

MIMOS – Swiss Performing Arts Yearbook 2023

The new MIMOS – Swiss Performing Arts Yearbook volume on Cindy Van Acker, winner of the Swiss Grand Award for the Performing Arts / Hans Reinhart Ring 2023, will be presented at the ADC pavilion in Geneva on 2 May as part of Das Tanzfest.

Swiss Performing Arts Awards publications

The Swiss Performing Arts Awards publications are now available on the Awards website as flipbooks and PDFs.

Save the date – Swiss Performing Arts Awards 2024 ceremony

The next Swiss Performing Arts Awards ceremony will take place at the Theater Casino Zug on 31 October 2024. The FOC will announce the winners on 19 September.

Performing Arts Heritage – three projects selected for 2024

Three of the seven projects submitted in autumn 2023 were chosen to receive FOC support: akar – past, presence, future, Mission Rudolf and a documentary on the festival “cultural heritage, dance!”.

Submission period for upcoming performing arts awards

Entries for the Swiss Dance Production 2024, the June Johnson Newcomer Prize 2025 and Performing Arts Heritage 2025 can be submitted between 15 October and 12 November 2024 on the FOC platform for supporting subsidies (FPF).

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