Dry stone walling

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Zivildiensteinsatz Stiftung Umwelt-Einsatz Schweiz
Civilian service in action (Stiftung Umwelt-Einsatz Schweiz) Garbs, canton of St. Gallen 2007
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The construction of stable, durable walls by placing dry stones on top of one another without the use of mortar, cement or adhesives is an age-old tradition. Dry stone walls are a characteristic element of the Swiss landscape. They reflect rural building culture and craftsmanship and also provide valuable habitat for plants and animals. Out of an appreciation of the aesthetic appeal of dry stone walls and knowledge of their numerous functions, a range of organisations and artisans are campaigning for the preservation and promotion of this ancient construction technique. They continue the tradition of dry stone walling, safeguard and pass on technical expertise to build new walls, and preserve ancient dry stone walls to prevent them from falling into disrepair.

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